Terra Luminous aims to contribute to human evolution, take care of nature and promote a culture of peace, offering courses, experiences, therapies, retreats and workshops, as well as projects of high socio-environmental impact, conducted by the Institute . What happens here is the result of decades of research by the Luminous group, and part of the annual program is carried out by professionals in the areas of self-knowledge, health, arts, human development, permaculture and organizations that utilize the space.

It is managed by a group of caregivers who live in community and have chosen sustainability and self-knowledge as pillars of their lives.

 Its governance system uses Sociocracy, focusing on equivalence, effectiveness, co-responsibility, self-organization, horizontality and transparency. Caring for relationships is anchored in the practice of Non-Violent Communication and all that involves the environment is anchored in the principles of Permaculture and sustainability.

TL occupies 15 hectares of a Permanent Environmental Preservation Area in the Atlantic Forest, a strategic place since it is one of the most important Water Resource Protection Areas (APM) in the state. It is in the municipality of Juquitiba, an hour and a half from São Paulo capital, via Régis Bittencourt Highway.

On sunny days, a beautiful hike through the woods or a swim in the lake are options that make your experience at Terra Luminous even more special!

The retreats, Immersions and courses offered by the Luminous group are: Living with Unity, Sociocracy 3.0, LAB * CNV, Integral Detox, Light of the Forest / The Inner Master, and others.Terra Luminous is also open to host your event.

Values & Pillars

TL was born of a dream that ended up becoming our Mission:


Along this line, we propose to be a special Space with the ideal conditions for individuals and groups to develop, with the caring, aware and sustainable hotel infrastructure and vegetarian cuisine.

We purchased the land in September 2010 and the group that constitutes our community has been forming, arriving, building, planting, cultivating…

The principles that form the pillars of the collective Terra Luminous are:

  • Respect for individuality and celebration of diversity!

  • Coherence, integrity and transparency

  • Co-creation of a sustainable life in community

  • Shared power, with equivalence and effectiveness

  • Maintenance of a safe space for the practice of caring truth

Here we take care of the space, gardens and relationships with equal priority! We officially opened the hotel to receive retreats and courses from other groups in May 2013. The first course we hosted was the NVC Integration Intensive with Dominic Barter, who was already our Professor and fellow researcher as well.

Following the path of Bio-inspired Organizations, Sociocracy and NVC support the governance and relationship management, while the group of caregivers and community members cultivate spiritual nourishment practices centered on pantheism and Taoist philosophy, with neither masters nor gurus. There are several therapists who offer their practices to guests such as: ayurvedic massage, tantric, sonorous-vibrational, conscious touch, thai-yoga and therapeutic coaching. The in-house group has an annual program of retreats and courses such as LAB * NVC, Sociocracy, Living with Unity, Inner Master, Integral Detox, among others.

Since opening we have received around 200 groups, among them: Fonte Institute, Yunus, UNUS (Youniversality), Marina Abramovic, Art of Hosting, Hoffman Center, Humaniversity, ABMindfulness, UNA Yoga, Yogi Jivan Vismay, Dominic Barter, Co-Create, Artemisia, SELF by Lilly Hastings, Ornellas & Associates, Ronald Fuchs (Tantra), Allure DH and many more … Click here to see who has already chosen Terra Luminous .

Our dream has been and continues to be to offer a set of retreats of self-knowledge and programs of integral healing, fruit of the praxis of the resident therapists and members of the Terra Luminous Institute,  for people who are making their transitions towards a more conscious, fullfilled and sustainable life. Already part of the original dream was the opening of the Space so that other groups could offer their research and thus, continuing to expand the network and knowledge.

NVC (Non-Violent Communication) and Sociocracy

At Terra Luminous NVC is the foundation of the house, that sustains the health of our relationships, and its principles are lived daily by residents and guardians.

Since 2007, Fabi Maia has been dedicated to the study and practice of NVC, inspiring thousands of people who´ve been through her experiences and therapeutic processes.

The residents and guardians of Terra Luminous nurture NVC research together, forming a powerful support network for the tensions that arise in collective living.


We are an Empty Center Organization (ECO), with shared power, horizontalized, focusing on principles such as equivalence, effectiveness, consent, empiricism, care with the relations and sustainability. We seek the utmost coherence between our words and our conduct. Permaculture is also part of the foundation, a north star when making our choices!

The Coordinators of each Circle (Domain) are selected by the group through consent and have a 1 year mandate. Each Circle has a representative who forwards the tensions of the Circle to the meetings of the General Circle (which has no fixed members).

We are organized like this:

In terms of Governance, we align ourselves with the principles of the Bio-inspired Organizations, joining the observation of the processes of nature, to Sociocracia 3.0, CNV (Nonviolent Communication), elements of Dragon Dreaming, and Forum (Developed and used over 30 years, initially in ZEEG and then by various ecovillages in Europe, the Forum is a space of trust and transparency for the management of emotions that are present in a Group or community).