A program for people with the vibrating spirit to serve and live in community, who wish more knowledge and share practices in the areas of permaculture, vegetarian and conscious cuisine, self-knowledge and social communication. We offer hosting and infrastructure with internet (see suggested values for food contribution), while the participant donates 6 hours a day to perform “love-in-action”, as we call work here at Luminous. The minimum stay is 4 full days and the maximum is 1 month.

Tasks are defined by the group of volunteers and resident-hosts and seek to be directed to what Luminous requires most at that time. In general, they are our day to day activities and include:

  • Taking care of the compost system, vegetable gardens, orchards and seedlings

  • maintenance of internal tracks

  • support in hosting retreats, workshops and courses

  • communication actions (organization, dissemination, etc ...)

There is an experience-sharing session that happens every other night every two days and residents lovingly share with volunteers their knowledge of CVN, Sociocracy, Dragon Dreaming, Permaculture, Music, and the group’s research on spirituality and communities Intentional.