Activating Collective Intelligence in Organizations

Rafael Oliveira, with the support of Fabiana Maia, guides this 16-hour interactive course that introduces the principles and standards of Sociocracia 3.0 (S3), a governance and decision-making tool, applicable in any type of organization that seeks more horizontality , Equivalence and effectiveness. Intended for members of groups, councils, communities, associations, companies and other organizations, formal or non-formal.

What it is?

Sociocracia 3.0 (S3) brings together a set of tools that support the management of organizations and groups that wish to improve their structures and modes of decision-making, focusing on equivalence, co-responsibility, self-organization, horizontality and transparency. S3 is structured into modules (standards) that can be quickly activated and applied individually, being easily adapted for any type of organization, from collectives and communities to associations, boards, companies and other formal organizations. A method that enhances collective intelligence facilitating collaborative processes.