In this “laboratory” of the practice of Non-Violent Communication (NVC), we focus on the expansion of our internal connection, the connection with others through empathic listening, operating the transformation of conflicts and the systemic perspective, living the win-win of shared power.

Here the NVC dialogues with vibrational music, Yoga, dance and ancestral rites. The body is activated through experiences, strengthening our inner listening and self-knowledge; Releases latches of contained emotions and tensions of the past that are stored in cellular memory. Music is the balm that brings lightness and harmony, at the same time it awakens the senses and brings out hidden feelings. Vibrational music has a power to facilitate healing processes, as well as the songs that raise awareness.

They are intensive weekend retreats or long holidays, deeply immersing in the practice of the central pillars of Nonviolent Communication, based on the experience of Fabi Maia, who is hosted by Pierre Stocker and Rodrigo Cardoso, with the support of the Terra Luminous network ( Rafael Oliveira, André Lima, Ana Alcantara, Luana Fonseca and more).