Integral Detox

Detoxification and physical, emotional, spiritual nutrition to regenerate health and prevent diseases.

It is a retreat that lasts from 4 to 14 days and happens every 6 months at Terra Luminous. There are two programs that happen simultaneously: one focused on people who need to regenerate their health (with chronic, degenerative diseases, smoking or trauma) and another for those who want to prevent diseases with a deep detox. The team of professionals is made up of Terra Luminous therapists  and doctors (integrative and quantum medicine), detox nutrition experts, Yoga teachers and others. In Detox Integral, in addition to detoxifying and nourishing the body with what is “state of the art in medicine,” participants learn how to sustain this high standard of self-care when they return home through eating workshops, detox techniques and exchanges with the doctors and therapists involved.