Founded by the guardians of Terra Luminous in 2016 to be the axis of research in therapies, Non-Violent Communication, Dynamic Governance and Intentional Community, besides being also the axis of projects of high impact and environmental relevance in the region of the Atlantic Forest in which we are Inserted.

The purpose of the TERRA LUMINOUS INSTITUTE is to:

  • Promote and develop activities in the areas of

    environment, human development, permaculture, education, health, art, culture, ecotourism, fair trade economy and local and sustainable development

  • Defend, preserve, preserve and restore cultural, historical and environmental heritage

  • Promote the conditions for the development of an intentional community

    from a group of people living together with a common purpose, working cooperatively to create a lifestyle that reflects their shared values

  • Develop strategies that promote sustainable solutions and technologies

    in relation to waste management, energy generation, bio-construction and agroecology, becoming an active protagonist in the environmental preservation of the region

  • Promote sustainable bioregional consumption and produce

    process and market agro-ecological products

  • Promote the preservation of fauna and flora of the Atlantic Forest biome

  • Generate social technologies

    encouraging collective living based on the principles of Non-Violence

  • Engage the local community in educational, environmental, social and health projects

    that contribute to its development

  • Cultivating a learning center for the exchange of knowledge

    that contemplate the diversity of lines of practices and knowledge, and that enables people to improve their talents, generating resources and learning

  • Promote the education of people of all ages

    (with a focus on children and adolescents) based on the principles of de-schooling;

  • Promote studies, research, programs, projects, courses and activities

    of a therapeutic nature, promotion of holistic health and evolution of consciousness

  • To study and promote the traditional knowledge and cultural expressions of the peoples of the Amazon rainforest and the Atlantic Forest for therapeutic purposes

  • Conduct research on the development of agroforestry for the autonomy of health maintenance

  • Develop a center for the study of the therapeutic properties of sound

  • Promote vegetarian awareness

Pillar External Ecology

  • Ecological Corridor Project – biological mapping, agroforestry management with sustainable extraction, preservation of springs, environmental services, environmental monitoring of the surroundings, purchase of neighboring lands, environmental education for the community (biological treatment, sustainable agriculture, waste management and preservation of springs ).
  • Energy self-sufficiency project
  • Courses Project (Agriculture and Sustainable Settlement)

Pillar Internal Ecology

  • Clinical Detox Integral Project  – long-term medical retreats for people in health treatment and with economic disadvantage
  • School Project of Vibrational Music
  • • Project LAB * CNV for all – courses and groups of practice of CNV in public or democratic schools and for ex-inmates
  • Conscious Food Project (research, consultancy, certification and organic products in public schools)

Base: Community

A group of people who share the risk, this is community for us! We are united in living, working, celebrating, mourning, planting, harvesting and cultivating the fertile field of relationships. The intentional community is a dream come true with force. Today there are 6 active members, residents and a group of people who support and participate in activities. The community is open to receive new members in its various modalities, and the process to become an associate takes from 6 months to 1 year.

Donations & Ways of Contributing

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If you dispose of a brazilian bank account, debit or credit card, you can otherwise make a donation with the payment system known as PagSeguro, if you prefer, and choose the amount that you wish to donate: