Grão (Grain)

Grão is what we call our large vegetarian restaurant with capacity for 40 people. Grão’s cuisine (validated by Sanitary Surveillance) is a laboratory of gastronomic innovation, with increasingly intense research in detox and super nutritious foods.

In this living space, there is a library with cozy reading, rest and chat areas, in the hammocks and benches of the deck, in front of Lake Cururu or in front of the fireplace enjoying a wide collection of ethnic and percussion musical instruments. In the Grão also happens the Saraus, as well as the celebratory and restorative meetings of all those who live and share the Terra Luminous experience.


Library The Wisdom corner

A collection of more than 300 books, the result of decades of caregivers’ journey in search of the evolution of consciousness, contains titles in Portuguese, French, Spanish and English on psychotherapy, spirituality, philosophy, esotericism, sustainability, culinary, alternative medicine, holistic therapies , New forms of leadership and management, etc … All this in a cozy “lounge – the Wisdom Corner” for those who want to enjoy long reading sessions or a brief consultation to one of the available oracles.


With over 150 m2 the deck in front of Lake Cururu is a good place to rest in the hammock after meals, reading and chatting! It also caters for outdoor activities, practices, experiences and meditations.

Mandala Room

The Mandala Room, with 66m2, is dedicated to courses, workshops, experiences and practices of dance, meditation and Yoga. A spacious, bright, comfortable and airy space with a beautiful view to the green horizon of the forest! It has mattresses with cushions and / or chairs and armchairs according to the activity to be developed. It has 110V and 220V sockets.


Kundalini Room: Massage and Therapies

The Kundalini Room is our massage room. Comfortable and cozy, its structure is prepared to welcome and work on the energy of the patient. On the stretcher, mat, or floor, it proposes several set-up options according to the technique or therapy. This light space has a privileged view of the green of the forest, while preserving the privacy of its users.

Click here to see the therapies and massages offered at Terra Luminous.

Tipi – Light of the Forest

Imagine a circular 15-meter bamboo tent in the middle of the forest with a bonfire in the center … a sacred, magical space where rituals, meditative practices and celebrations take place! An experience of connection with spirituality and ancestry, for thus: seated in a circle, around the fire that the humans most attached to nature, cure and ritualize their passages in life for thousands of years.

The Tipi Light of the Forest is available to be used for facilitators to guide their experiences (see rental values) and also with music rituals guided by Luminous guardians.

Manacá Fountain and Cururu Lake

The water comes straight from the source about 300 meters distance and supplies the Fountain and the Lake where we refresh, re-energize, swim and clean the soul! Between one experience and another, retreat participants and courses, residents and volunteers take advantage of the abundance of this precious resource that is the water to enjoy the Manacá Fountain and Lake Cururu, which at night salutes us with the orchestra of frogs