Last weekend I participated in LAB * NVC – the Terra Luminous Non-Violent Communication Retreat with Fabiana Maia, Rodrigo Cardoso and Pierre Stocker. One of the most edifying experiences of my life. Solid content, true and – best of all – without mysticism. An intensive course on communication in the midst of native nature and, of course, a 5 star vegetarian restaurant. I highly recommend that you get to know Terra Luminous’s jaw-dropping structure and the courses offered by it´s team!

Thiago Brizola, participant LAB * NVC March 2017

And for me, getting to know Terra Luminous was without a doubt a great gift!Wonderful place! The most welcoming energy I have ever experienced in life! Sensitive, caring, dedicated, loving hosts .. .. a very special place and I want to return many times !!!

Flavia Rubim (Participant Viver ComUnidade 2017)

Terra Luminous is my place of peace, where I connect with my essence, where I find parts of me that sometimes go hidden. It is in the silence of nature that I listen to myself, in the absence of technology that refines my interaction with the other, in the purity of the water from the source that my body feels to vitalize, in the gastronomic marvels served in the Grão that I feel detoxified and healthy. Luminous is a space that has a lot of love, I have seen it grow, I admire its guardians, I appreciate the care of every detail of this place: from the comfort of the room to the decoration of the Grão, from the soft lights of the deck to the space of coexistence and music In front of the fireplace, from the Mandala room with its incredible view to the Tipi with its sacred fire. Protected by the Atlantic Forest, with the purest air I’ve breathed, the deepest silence I felt and full of life! Luminous is this for me: a present for my body, for my soul. And as a lover of human development and a researcher of the expansion of consciousness, it is my favorite place to develop this work. An incredible space, taken care of by affectionate, wise, friendly, respectful and entertaining hosts.

Malu Nickel, participant LAB * NVC, Luminous Coaching, Tantra and many others 

A piece of paradise. Terra Luminous is a space for the evolution of consciousness fully integrated with sustainable nature. Heaven on earth!


Paolla Garcia (Tantra Retreat)

Terra Luminous provides an intense and comfortable contact with nature. Above all, to stay there is an opportunity to reconnect with all sides of our essence. Much love for this place and all the beings that inhabit it.


Andrea Rozenberg (participant Viver ComUnidade 2017)

Magical space. Exuberant nature. Respect and integration with the ecosystem, seeking the minimum environmental impact. Food is the high point in the Grão space. Perfect place for your journey of Light.

Rycardo Moreno

It is manifestation of love in all its forms.

Thank you forever for introducing me to you Luminous Land.

Fabiani Zouki, participant Viver ComUnidade 2017

“How much I miss these human beings, who welcome us with affection, teach us to share the responsibility for the generous nature that surrounds us, nourish us with dedication … connected with the purpose of whoever arrives, Terra Luminous is the microcosm of Sustainable reality, collaborative and loving relationship that we all desire and deserve. With joy and awareness, I want to do many events in this place that was created for us to meet again, to recognize ourselves and to be happy! “

Darlene Rabello Coelho (Hostess: Art of Hosting)

Everything at Terra Luminous is very special! The warm and dedicated people, delicious food, the land, the surroundings. And the loving, careful, sincere, open, diverse, rich, creative group of people…

Licia Beccari (participant in the course The Secret of Trust / jan / 2017)

I would like to thank, with all my heart, for all the moments, for the dedication, for the affection, for the respect that we all have obtained from you.

It was all so wonderful that I only have praise of Terra Luminous

G. Zanini, participant in the shamanic retreat, 2016

“Earth Luminous is a gift of healing and careful connection by the guardians of love. I am eternally grateful for this space of light and transformation.Thank you family.”

Henry Goldsmid – retreat participant The Master Within / Light of the Forest

“At this moment, after an immersion guided by dear Danielle Wang sensibly, lovingly there at Terra Luminous, incredible space, on a rainy day, completely welcoming, beautiful, enlightened, surrounded by wonderful people, in a powerful exchange of energy, I feel every day stronger, more focused, lighter, walking towards the path that I chose to follow. “

Merikol Duarte, participant of the Mindfulness retreat Eu S.O.U the Flow of Life